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"Your efforts to provide leading edge instruction to Utah’s students are greatly appreciated."
– Mary Shumway, State Director of Career and Technical Education

Utah CTE Pathways:
Connecting High School to College and Career
  • The Utah Major's Guide is one resource where students can find information on post-secondary training in any of the Career Pathways. In addition to discovering where programs are offered, students can review descriptions of the programs and majors and find out more about the colleges in Utah.
  • The Utah High School to College and Career Pathways Educator’s Guide is your resource for implementing Pathways in your school.
  • Pathways will help students clearly recognize the opportunities available to them in high school, and will ease the transition to employment and educational opportunities beyond high school. In this effort, grade appropriate publications and resources have been developed for students in the following grades:
Utah’s Post-Secondary Connection
  • Post-secondary CTE Pathways will ease the transition for students from high school to college and career by effectively connecting high school CTE Pathways to related certificate or degree programs offered through Utah’s post-secondary institutions. The close coordination between high schools and higher education helps to ensure that students have the skills necessary to succeed, while minimizing the duplication of coursework.
  • Utah colleges partner with high schools to identify specific high school courses that could be accepted for credit at their institutions. The courses that meet these high standards are carefully defined in an "articulation agreement" between the cooperating college and high school.
  • Other post-secondary options include an apprenticeship and on-the-job training

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